Are You Preparing Your Instant Coffee Correctly? 

Have you noticed that one cup of coffee might taste better than another even though the ingredients are the same? Making a cup of coffee using instant coffee may seem like the simplest task, however, it can be slightly more complicated, especially when you need a better-than-usual cup of coffee.

It all boils down to the right coffee, the right water temperature, how you prepare your coffee and even what you add to it makes all the difference when making a good cup of coffee, according to Thokozane Radebe, brand manager for instant coffee brand Douwe Egberts.

Experimenting with how you make your coffee can be both fun and frustrating when you are trying to get it just right. However, when it comes to instant coffee, to get the best result out of every cup there are a few steps that can be tried and incorporated whenever you feel like a good cup of coffee.

Step 1 – Go for quality instant coffee

Always choose a quality instant coffee. Douwe Egberts’ range of instant coffee has a taste for everyone and boasts different flavours and intensities. Its Core range includes Pure Gold which is a full-bodied medium roast with well-balanced flavours and an aromatic fragrance; the dark roast Espresso Style with bold flavours and strong character; the Pure Indulgence earthy and warm dark roast; and Ristretto Style which is a powerful, bold dark blend incorporating intense characteristics and a powerful aromatic flavour.

Step 2 – Use fresh water

Every time you boil your water make sure it is freshly poured into the kettle before boiling. Water boiled only once can give your coffee a different taste than water that is boiled repeatedly. Every time water is boiled oxygen escapes and changes the taste of the water. Some will even argue that distilled water is better than tap water but this can be an experiment to try at home and discover for yourself. To avoid water wastage, only use the amount that you are going to need.

Step 3 – Avoid over-boiling

Once the water starts to boil, switch off the kettle. The more it boils the more oxygen escapes from the water once again changing the flavour.

Step 4 – Use the right amount of coffee granules

When it comes to taste, this can depend on the amount of coffee granules you are going to use. Too little will result in weak coffee, while too much will result in coffee that is too strong and may not correctly dissolve in the water.

Step 5 – Mix into a paste

Another clever coffee trick is to add a small amount of cold water to the cup before adding the coffee. Once the coffee granules are added, mix to form a paste. Then once the paste is made, add the almost boiled water to the cup. Adding cold water first and making a paste, allows for the coffee to dissolve slowly and more gently. If the coffee is dissolved instantly into the hot water, it creates a different taste and consistency.

When it comes to coffee, there is always more to learn. Instant coffee can be more than a quick, convenient cup of coffee. Now, it can be made with just as much precision and care as other more complicated coffee options, while not compromising on taste and convenience.