Are you using the wrong wine glass?

f you’re a casual drinker of wines, you’re probably good with the wine glass you’ve got.

But if you’re considering taking things up a notch — exploring varietals and regional styles — you may want to rethink your vessel of choice. If you’re using the same glass to drink a light-bodied pinot noir and a big, bold cabernet sauvignon, you may not be experiencing the fine qualities of either.

Renowned glassmaker Georg Riedel, the 10th-generation head of Austria-based Riedel Crystal, has spent decades developing the company’s varietal-specific lines of wine glasses, using physics to bring out the best in wines made from different types of grapes.

“We’re in charge of delivering the aromas and then the flavors to the palate,” Riedel says. “The perception is triggered through the fact that the glasses deliver liquid to different parts of your palate.”