Ariana Grande And Starbucks Are Teaming Up To Create A New Cloud Macchiato

Starbucks and Ariana Grande have teamed up to create the chain’s latest Insta-worthy drink, and it’s unlike anything they’ve ever made before.

The American coffee company began posting ambiguous cloud-themed videos on their Instagram, featuring the oh-so-satisfying act of cutting kinetic sand. It only became clearer what all of this meant once Miss Ariana stepped in with her own tweet referencing Starbucks.

In a characteristically emoji-laden message, she simply @ed them, and followed it up with today’s date. Grande also retweeted a Starbucks tweet that matched it from around about the same time.

From there, a new drink was born, and it came out in the US and Canada today. The new Cloud Macchiato is made using an airy microfoam, which is frothed cold and blended – with the idea being that it’ll create a creamy texture without the cream.