Avoiding a Terrible Hangover: What and How to Drink

For most heavy alcohol drinkers, hangovers are an inevitable ending of a good party that comes a few hours after having fun. Being the result of alcohol intoxication, hangovers are characterized by brain-melting headaches throughout the following day after drinking. A person who drank too much or mixed alcohol drinks in wrong portions may also experience vomiting, nausea, stomach cramps, vision changes, light sensitivity, muscle aches, and severe dehydration.

Do you want to wake up without a splitting headache? Wish to write your essays on your own, without using the services of yourwriters.net because of the inability to focus? And, still, want to hang out with friends in a bar every other night? Then listen to the recommendations given by the expert Dr. Elliot Nadelson who works as a urologist in the sell-founded company The I.V. Doc. This service helps people who suffer from horrible hangovers to cleanse their bodies in the most harmless way. He claims that there are certain mixes that can work as no-hangover drinks, but there is not a universal recipe. You need to try a few options before finding out what drinks don’t cause a hangover individually in your case.

5 Expert tips for avoiding hangovers

Anyway, there are chances to cope with the possible hangover’s symptoms if you learn how to drink in the right way. Dr. Nadelson shared a few interesting expert observations:

  1. Consume only clear drinks

Vodka, gin, sake – these are a few examples of clear drinks that you may choose. Yes, it may sound like a terrible idea but, according to the recent study published by the British Medical Association, these spirits above contain fewer congeners compared to other options. Congeners are different impurities of the chemical or natural origin (due to the fermentation) in alcoholic beverages that your body finds hard to process. They are the main reason why you feel sick in the next morning.

Another study held by the researchers from Brown University proved that usually dark alcoholic beverages contain more congeners than the light ones. For instance, drinking bourbon is 37 times more dangerous than drinking vodka because of the high content of chemical congeners. This also means that white wine is preferable over the red types.

  1. Be careful with what you put in that mixer

Sugary cocktails and alcohol is a definite “no-no”. Added sugar can worsen the hangover symptoms and additionally cause bloating. The experts from Men’s Fitness explained that the carbonated or sugar-rich drinks tend to empty faster, making you want to drink more than usually. But the blood alcohol level still increases and dehydration as well. Instead, stick to Vodka and clear water with a lime slice.

  1. Certain drinks are simply to be avoided

Let’s just trust the experts and avoid dark and whiskey drinks. As it has been already mentioned, the darker your alcohol, the worse hangover you should expect. Unsurprisingly, the quality of your drinks is also important and cheap wines are more likely to make you feel sick the next morning. Use the Wine Spectator and similar resources to find both affordable and relatively quality wines. Specifically, stay away from the wines with tannins – the organic compound that is likely to cause a terrible headache. Not only cheap but also expensive wines can contain tannins.

  1. Bubbles are pretty but bad

ABC News with the help of Boris Tabakoff, who occupies the position of a pharmacology professor at the University of Colorado, disclosed the interesting theory that the carbon dioxide in champagne wines works in the same way as carbonated or sugary drinks.

Another study proved this theory and found that during 5 minutes after drinking bubbly wines people have an average of 0.54 milligrams of alcohol per 1 milliliter of blood. If you mix your drink with fizzy water, the effect will be the same.

  1. Busting the water myth

Getting home and drinking plenty of water is classic “anti-hangover” recipe. Yes, water can prevent dehydration but still won’t save you from the bad consequences of a hangover. However, drinking coconut water instead of plain water can provide a positive effect, according to the opinion of the nutritionist Yoko Inoue. The thing is that coconut water is rich in electrolytes and potassium.

Top 6 no-hangover drinks

Taking into account all above-mentioned recommendations (and personal experiences), it can be safe to say that the following 6 drinks are good choices if you want to escape hangovers:

  • Sea Breeze cocktail with fresh fruit juices and clean Vodka works like a charm when you need a refreshing no-hangover drink;
  • The ultimate classic Vodka and Soda combination (without sugar) can help avoid a hangover;
  • Dry Martini can be good not only for James Bond;
  • Classic Tom Collins cocktail (lemon juice, seltzer water, and gin) is also a good choice;
  • Light beer for the fans of this popular drink is the best anti-hangover option;
  • White wine because it has fewer congeners.

Also, it is important to revise what you eat in the morning after a fun night. The popular belief offers eating heavy carbs and greasy snacks to absorb the alcohol content in your stomach. Well, that is not quite true. The carbs may give a big blood sugar boost but then inevitably cause a crash. Alternatively, consider taking a couple of milk thistle capsules, beetroot, garlic, kale, lemon, and berries. The foods rich in potassium, Vitamin B, and C can be also a great choice for the after-party breakfasts. Drink wisely!