Bacardi Rum packaging gets an Art Deco facelift

After more than a decade, Bacardi Rum is getting a redesign.

The company announced Wednesday on its 153rd anniversary that it’s releasing new packaging with an Art Deco-influenced style.

The Bacardi bat logo represents good fortune, good health and family unity and was influenced by drawings from the early 1900s. The label draws from fonts used at the Art Deco El Edificio Bacardi, the brand’s former sales office and bar in Havana, Cuba.

The bottles, which are taller, slimmer and more cylindrical, will also include a Bacardi family story, a taste description and a printer’s ornament.

“Our goal with the new pack design was to cement the extraordinary Bacardi heritage into the hearts and minds of today’s consumer by connecting it with the human passion, untameable spirit and fine craftsmanship that goes into every bottle,” Dmitry Ivanov, chief marketing officer of Bacardi and president of Bacardi Global Brands, said in a news release. “It looks contemporary, but with a strong heritage feel, and we look forward to seeing it in bars and in the hands of consumers around the world.”

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