Bacardi Scares The Bejesus Out Of Drinkers With Haunted Rum Prank

To celebrate the release of its new limited-edition Halloween rum, Bacardi played the ultimate prank on drinkers by introducing: The Haunted Rum. Leveraging a cast of skilled improv actors and unsuspecting customers, Bacardi tricked (and treated) people into believing there was a spirit trapped inside its new haunted rum bottle.

The brand called on Power’s La La Anthony to trick (and then treat) people with “The Haunted Rum” prank at a bar in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

As guests enjoyed their libation, they witnessed a bottle of spirit take on a life of its own and begin to erratically move along the bar – controlled by an unseen force.

Throughout the prank, the production team (hidden behind-the-scenes) would also sporadically kill the lights and blackout the bar, allowing the special edition glow-in-the-dark rum bottle to illuminate.

The actors – ranging from the bartender to fellow bargoers and even the bouncer downstairs – aided the stunt by amping up their own scared reactions. 

All was revealed before guests completely lost their mind.

According to the brand, the bottle’s new black and orange jack-o-lantern label glows in the dark, making it just about the greatest booze to ever grace your bar cart.

BAC Superior LTO 750ml Bacardi Scares The Bejesus Out Of Drinkers With Haunted Rum Prank