Bacon And Hartzenberg Families Join Forces At Helm Of Org de Rac Wines

Org de Rac, the leading organic wine farm in the Swartland, has a new ownership through a joint venture between the Bacon and Hartzenberg families. This follows on the passing of Org de Rac’s founder Nico Bacon, who has been the owner since establishing this wine farm in 2000.

Cape-based businessman Jacques Hartzenberg, who has been a family friend of the Bacon sons Grant, Peter, Craig and Neil for over 30 years, was approached to take an equal share in Org de Rac, the deal being concluded at the end of October.

Hartzenberg says this is his first foray into the wine business, which he has entered for two reasons. “I have always admired Mr Nico Bacon’s businesses, albeit fishing, tourism or agriculture, and know that whatever he got involved in matured into a respectable investment,” says Hartzenberg. “Being given the opportunity by the Bacon brothers to be a part of Org de Rac is a true honour, as I have now been given the chance of becoming a part of the Bacon legacy.”

Then there is the organic wine industry, a part of the South African wine that Hartzenberg believes must still reach its full potential. 

“The international market for organic wines is growing exponentially, and if South Africa wants a slice of the pie, we are as an industry going to have to increase the volume of our offering, as well as its quality,” says Hartzenberg. “Org de Rac has over the past few years built-up a tremendous reputation for the premier image of its wines under cellarmaster Frank Meaker, and together with the Bacons I am committed to take it to the next level – locally as well as overseas,” he says. 

According to Grant Bacon, Hartzenberg is an ideal partner for the Bacon family in Org de Rac. “We have been family friends and associates for three decades, and with the void left by my father’s death there was a need to find someone with the vision and energy to complement the family’s ownership of the winery,” he says. “Jacques brings a wealth of business experience and a fresh vision which, together with Org de Rac’s wine and tourist offerings, will stand us in good stead to unleash the potential of South African organic wine.”