Bacon shot glasses dipped in chocolate and filled with whisky

We’ve all been there before, standing at the bar, shot glass in hand, ready to throw the spirit down our gullet, when we’ve thought to ourselves “man this would really be so much better if the shot glass I’m holding was made out of bacon and dipped in chocolate.” Well, wish no more. The food blog Through The Eyes Of My Belly turned this dream into reality.

While the shot glasses are a little time-intensive to make, they actually seem pretty simple – we’re shocked no one has thought of this before. All you need to do is create your moulds, wrap bacon around them, and then bake. Once your bacon shot glasses are out of the oven, you simply dip them in chocolate – the chocolate being delicious as well as functional, sealing any holes to allow the bacon shot to actually hold your preferred spirit. After that, the sky’s the limit as to what you choose to fill your glasses with.


  • Bacon Strips
  • Chocolate
  • Whisky


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