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Bacon Soda

Jones Soda Co. brought out their first soda in 2003 and called it the Turkey & Gravy Soda. This time around, Jones partnered with the folks at J&D’s Foods, a company with the slogan “Everything should taste like bacon.” Their products range from Baconnaise and Bacon Salt to BaconPOP and Bacon Gravy.

jones Bacon SodaThe Jones Soda Co. together with J&D’s Foods offer customers a package bundle that consist out of two bottles of Jones Bacon Flavored Soda, as well as a bunch of products from J&D’s, including Cheddar BaconPop popcorn, Bacon Gravy mix, and a tube of Bacon Lip Balm. All this for only $9.99

Jones has the following to say about their “Bacon in a Bottle”: “Bacon flavored soda? Okay, pigs may not be able to fly, but that’s not stopping us from bottling a batch of this stuff for you anyway. Drawing inspiration from everyone’s favorite cured meat, we partnered with J&D’s Foods, the makers of Bacon Salt, and produced this refreshingly meaty creation. So crack open a bottle and “ink-dray up-way”… because everything tastes better with bacon.

Colour and nose

The drink is brown, a bit lighter than a traditional cola. Think Pepsi. When you pop open the screw-off cap and you’ll smell… well, bacon. The scent comes off as a bit artificial, but that’s to be expected, because, well… it is!

What does it taste like?

The first sip brings carbonated saltiness to your lips. As we’ve found with most obscure Jones Holiday flavours, it’s at this point where you are just sort of afraid to move the drink to the back of your mouth. There’s a baconness there, but it’s bubbly. As it flows over your tongue, there isn’t a whole lot of flavour, but the smell and the saltiness stick with you. Then it hits the back of your throat, where it’s probably the most effective. And you know what… it does taste like bacon!

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