Bar creates 3D-printed beer taps

A Florida bar looking for a novel way to show-off their new craft beers has commissioned a 3D-printing company to create bespoke beer taps with which to pour the brew.

The bar in Clearwater, Florida – named Pair O’ Dice – needed the high-tech taps to top-off their in-house beers, calling on local firm Tangible Labs to design and print the unique ornaments.
Speaking to, Mo Eppley of Tangible Labs explained how one of the tap was printed in three separate pieces before being joined together: “The base and actual tap are pretty much a solid piece of black PLA [special 3D-printing plastic].

“The top design part has a red [plastic] base and then the brown on top with the name cut out of the top layer. Then we left a spot for a separate two-colour piece with the Pair O’ Dice logo.”

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