Become #SoberCurious With Seedlip, The World’s First Distilled Non-alcoholic Spirit

For many of us, alcohol is the glue that holds our world together. It’s a social ritual inextricably linked to going out, having fun, and letting loose. 

The notion of giving up the sauce, however, is becoming increasingly popular, with the “sober curious” hashtag trending across social media.

To solve the dilemma of ‘what-to-drink-when you’re-not-drinking’ Seedlip creator, Ben Branson decided to develop the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits brand.

Appealing to consumers looking for a refined alternative to alcohol, Seedlip is shaping the future of a whole new category in drinks. 

The Production Process

The product is created essentially the same way gin to be made, botanicals steeped in alcohol and distilled. This extracts the essence of the plants and imparts them into the spirit, but the alcohol itself is only necessary in the extraction process and the flavors can be retained while completely distilling the alcohol from the wash. The result? Something that’s technically non-alcoholic, but definitely NOT water. 

Taste Profile

While it’s not particularly palatable straight out of the bottle, a simple splash of tonic brings out the botanicals, making the experience absolutely entrancing.

Seedlip is in all essence the sophisticated alternative for non-drinkers who has been relegated to drinking sweetened fruit juice for eternity.  An unusual and exciting new frontier for the savvy bar crowd, Seedlip is definitely influencing the way we perceive non-alcoholic drinks and mocktails.