Beef short rib for two for #FrugalFridayFeast

A lifestyle filled with #FrugalFridayFeasts. Every week the Ultra Value Wine Challenge team brings you an irresistible meal for two, which includes wine, all for under R200! In the words of Oprah: everyone gets a feast!

Simonsig is as blue blooded a Stellenbosch thoroughbred as any top Estate. With a history as long as a giraffes neck and happy customers throughout this fine land, their wines thrill with their sparkling consistency. At the helm 24/7 is Johan Malan (pictured left). Super busy, yet super happy together with chef Lucas Carstens (pictured below) from Cuvée Restaurant, to share with us his secret short rib dish! Gentlemen, to the core.

That’s lucky; you will see how easy this is to make, then taste just how succulent and ravishing slow cooked ribs are…even more so when washed down with oodles of the spicy, brambly red-berry rich and utterly seductive Simonsig Mr Borios Shiraz that Johan chose.

simonsig1 e1439538302134 Beef short rib for two for #FrugalFridayFeast

Surely you too will be praying for more cold, rain and bitter wind? Let’s keep this party feast rocking!

Beef short rib for two


800g beef whole short rib
50g onion diced
20g carrot diced
20g leeks diced
1 sprig thyme
2 cloves garlic
salt & pepper to suit
1L beef stock
5ml tomato paste
15ml olive oil


Season the beef rib with salt and pepper, brown the meat in a large pot using the olive oil, on med heat
When browned remove the rib and place in a large oven tray
Add all the vegetables to the pot and brown, add the thyme, garlic and tomato paste and cook for 2min
Transfer the browned vegetable mix to the oven tray with the rib. Pour over the stock and cover the tray with a lid / foil
Place the tray in a pre-heated oven at 150C and braise the rib for 9 hours
When done remove the rib from the liquid, and strain the liquid into a med pot, reduce the liquid to make the sauce.

Prepare potato mash and steamed veg of your choice

Plate the mash, add ribs and plenty sauce, veg to the side.

Serve with a hearty grin cos now you’re both gonna win!