Beer 101 sounds like the name of a boring unit of a beer course right? However, sometimes it does not hurt to know what you are drinking. Today, I will relay interesting facts that you did not know about that brown, frothy liquid that Kenyans love so much. I hated beer but last year, I came across different brands of beer that I like. I order beer when I am having a drink with a much relaxed crowd, like my friends, cousins and brothers. I’m not all about wine. This year, I intend to try some craft beer because I cannot say that I am the expert when it comes to craft beer.

There is a bewildering array of beer in the Kenyan market ranging from EABL beers (Tuskers, Pilsner, Guinness etc). I think that these take the larger percentage in terms of consumption. Take a brisk walk in the supermarket/ liquor store…

Back to class: Beer falls into two broad categories. These are Ales and Lagers. The difference comes in the yeast. In Ale, the yeast floculates at the top of the tank during fermentation. The temperatures of the yeast in Ale are usually 60-62 degrees F.

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