Beer-Based Recipes For the Boozy Chef

Shocking revelation: humans like beer! But if all you’re doing is drinking it, you’re missing out on some of life’s greatest beery pleasures. Don’t let wine have all the fun; try these delectable beer-based recipes that will bring your love affair with booze to mouth-watering new heights.

Green Apple Guinness Melt

The rich, rustic dish combines sweet and tangy Granny Smith apples, savoury cheddar cheese and creamy stout beer, buried in a butter-filled baguette. The best part, it’s a recipe so simple you won’t even need the luck of the Irish to prepare the perfect dish for a St. Patrick’s Day gathering.

Get the recipe here.

Beer Beef Stew

A go-to-winter staple for stew lovers and a classic to serve on any occasion. Just saying the words beer and beef in one sentence is enough to get almost anyone to pay attention. Fresh out of beer? Try making this beef stew with cider. Serve it with Snoop Dogg’s mash potatoes and take your dinner party to new highs.

Tamarind And Dark Beer-Glazed Wings

A sweet, sour and sticky wing recipe with dark beer. These wings are more about intense flavor than heat. Few flavors are more intense than sour, pungent, slightly fruity tamarind.