Beer increase sex drive in women, but not in men

We’ve reported in the past that the best alcohol for sex is red wine, but we’ve now discovered there might be a different boozy beverage that’s ideal for arousal: beer. Specifically, beer with hops.

You see, hops contain plant estrogen called phytoestrogen. While estrogen is found in both men and women, women have more of it, which is why it’s often categorized as a “female hormone.” According to Renegade Health, hundreds of years ago, women who worked in the hops field menstruated earlier than everyone else, the idea being that their estrogen levels were amped. And with said estrogen increase possibly comes another benefit: a higher sex drive.

So what’s the catch?

Well, hops don’t have the same theoretical benefits for men as they do for women. In fact, inability to sustain an erection after drinking beer is nicknamed “brewer’s droop.”