Best alcoholic beverages to drink while watching sports

For many of us, cheering on our favourite sports team is often accompanied by a few drinks. Whether you’re watching at the ground, in the pub, or on the sofa, sport and alcohol beverages often go hand in hand.

Here are some of the top beverages to have on hand when watching your favourite sport:


pimms Best alcoholic beverages to drink while watching sports

Watching the grass-court action at one of the world’s favourite sporting events can bring on quite a thirst. Pimm’s has long been the tipple of choice under tennis fans. More than 280,000 glasses of Pimm’s were enjoyed throughout The Championships’ Fortnight last summer, so we bet you will find yourself sipping a few glasses of the enticing British potion while watching the next grand slam.

American Football

 Best alcoholic beverages to drink while watching sports

Just as every cheese has its perfect wine, every NFL team has its perfect brew. American football is the premier U.S. sport for drinking with 84 percent consuming alcohol while watching it on television and 83 percent enjoying it at the stadium. Beer is by far the popular choice, with Americans slugging 325.5 million gallons of beer on Super Bowl Sunday. That’s roughly ten cans of beer per person.


mj 618 348 the 10 best cocktail punch recipes Best alcoholic beverages to drink while watching sports

Sometimes it is a terrible fight and sometimes it’s a great scrap, but several times the sport of boxing encourages its followers to turn to the tipple. Boxing is the second most popular sport for a round of drinks, whether you’re watching at home or ringside. A homemade refreshment, such as Punch, is by far the most fitting drink for a boxing fight.


chinese cricket club Best alcoholic beverages to drink while watching sports

Spectators are exposed to plenty of alcohol-related adverts in sports, with cricket being a front-runner. Despite a long and proud tradition of crowd inebriation, cricket isn’t really much of a drinker’s game. In fact, when you’re drunk it becomes largely incomprehensible. In fact, cricket has always been more of a food sport. At the end of the day, it’s a gentleman’s game, so if you have to drink, we suggest you stick to a wine spritzer.

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