Best Ways to Store Vodka

Like in the case of food and drinks, for liquors like vodka, one of the most important is storage. If you keep it at the right place, you can be confident that even if the bottle has already been opened, it will not be easily prone to damages that can be caused by external factors.

Among others, one of the most important is to have consistent temperature in the place where you intend to store vodka. Ideally, the temperature should be anywhere from 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid storing it in areas with extreme heat, such as the attic. The basement is a better option for longer storage.

Do not keep your bottled vodka in a place that can be reached by direct sunlight. Most vodkas have clear bottles, which means that heat can easily penetrate, and hence, can speed up evaporation, specifically if the bottle has already been opened. You can also consider wrapping the bottles in cloth with dark color to protect it from light.

Lastly, refrain from opening a bottle of vodka if you know that you do not need it. Buying in smaller quantity or sizes is better. Once it has already been opened, this will make it prone to spoilage, although it will still take many years before it can completely go bad.