Bikini Baristas In California Have Neighbourhood Up In Arms

BOTTOMS Up Espresso is planning to open up a new location in California, but the idea appears to have residents hot and bothered — and not in the way the owners likely intended.

A coffee chain with bikini-clad baristas is drawing the irk of some residents who don’t a new chain in their neighbourhood.

The “bikini coffee shop” chain, which already operates six locations in California with female baristas who wear little more than lingerie or swimwear, is drawing criticism from Chico residents, who have already raised concerns with the city manager, the Chico Enterprise-Record is reporting.

“There’s nothing we can do. It hasn’t opened,” said City Manager Mark Orme, who told the Enterprise-Record that he’s already received numerous phone and email complaints about the business.

Another critic of the new Bottoms Up Espresso location is concerned the coffee shop will be opening just down the block from her dance studio, which is “full of impressionable children”.

“The concern is that Hype Dance has 300-plus students coming in and out weekly and their exposure to the business is out of the kids’ control.