Bloody Mary 2.0

We have all been there before- the lead weight on the top of your frontal lobe, the feeling in the pit of your stomach that you have been at sea for a week and, the distinct feeling that you might feel you need to part ways with whatever is attempting to navigate that said sea in your gut.

But there are meetings, an important family get together or heaven forbid, a wedding to attend…

The seasoned imbiber would be well aware of the fine healing properties of the Bloody Mary. Bit of vodka, tomato cocktail – all topped off with a dash of Tabasco, just a grind of black pepper and a stick of celery to add the aesthetic. A bit of vitamin C for the serotonin and some alcohol just to top up the tank will combine in a mystical, nay, almost magical way to give you that recovery you desperately seek. Great, yet intricate and far too involved for the modern human.

Fear not, we have a solution.

In this world of web 2.0, hell, some might argue Web 3.0 we have a solution that emulates the trend of having all of your life conveniently at your fingertips – the simplicity of the solution is stark for all to see: we present the Bloody Mary 2.0!

Now it hardly resembles the colour that perhaps gave the original its signature name, but Holy Moley is effective. Simply pour a measure of vodka into a glass, drop in a Berocca and top with water- no garnish, no mess, no fuss.

Some have dubbed it the glass slipper of the festival goer, others feel that if you applied Iran’s nuclear enrichment program to the traditional Bloody Mary, this would be the result. All we know is it gives you the pep to hit that day with the vigour of a South African politician negotiating a tender. Try it, you will be amazed!