Boland Celebrates A Decade Of Waterblommetjie Festivals

Four local wine producers in Paarl have joined forces to celebrate the 10th annual Waterblommetjie Festival.

On 7 September visitors to Boland Cellar, Domaine Brahms, Rhebokskloof and Windmeul Cellar can enjoy a taste journey from traditional waterblommetjie bredie and soups, to gin cocktails and decadent waterblommetjie ice cream at the participating wine estates.

Great waterblommetjie and wine pairings, as well as fabulous entertainment, are also on the cards between 9am and 4pm on the day.

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Free entry is secured with the donation of one tin of canned food per vehicle, which will be donated to a local charity.

The waterblommetjie is one of South Africa’s most famous edible plants. It has a long history of use by the indigenous Khoikhoi, both medicinally and as a nutritious food. The name means “little water flower” and though it’s an edible flower, it’s not the sort that is used to garnish a salad.

Waterblommetjiebredie is made of meat, typically lamb, stewed together with the waterblommetjies which are found in the dams and marshes of the Western Cape.