Boost your sex drive with food and drink this Valentine`s Day

EAT and drink your way to better sex. If you’re planning a romp for Valentine’s Day, make sure you find the oomph factor by including some aphrodisiac fare in your diet in the run-up to romance.


Porridge and honey: As well as giving you plenty of energy, oats help testosterone production and contain B vitamins linked with boosting sexual performance.

Squeeze some honey on top too – it contains boron, which regulates sex hormones.

Slice of wholemeal toast with peanut butter: The high levels of monounsaturated fats in peanut butter increase feel good dopamine in the body and are known to increase sexual arousal in women. Peanuts also contain a substance called L-arginine that helps men get turned on.

Scrambled eggs and salmon: Packed with protein and zinc, eggs will help boost libido while salmon is stuffed with omega-3 essential fatty acids to maintain healthy circulation.


Bananas: Not only do they look erotic, they have minerals and vitamins to perk up passion, from muscle strengthening potassium to vitamin B6, which is associated with better orgasms.

Chocolate: Chocolate contains chemicals that naturally feed our feelings of happiness. In a 2004 study in Italy, researchers found that women who ate more chocolate felt more sexually fulfilled. LUNCH

Cheese and cucumber sandwich: A 2006 study discovered that the smell of cucumber was one of the most arousing for women while cheeses, especially potent ones, imitate human pheromones, the scent signals that arouse our partners.

Avocado Salad: The folic acid in avocados increases stamina.