Boozy strawberry milkshakes are a thing and you need to try them immediately

Introducing: Tequila Rose, which is essentially a Baileys-inspired strawberry dessert drink served up in a little shot glass.

Tequila Rose is pink, and is a creamy tequila-based liqueur that comes in a super fancy, black rose-covered bottle which is just perfect for Instagram. According to Tequila Rose, the drink ‘flirts with the line between naughty and nice.’

The description adds: ‘This chilled, single-pour shot is guaranteed to be a good time, any time. Whether it’s night or day, staying in or going out, the smooth, easy taste and festive pink colour of Tequila Rose is always a recipe for fun’.

There’s lots of ways to enjoy the liqueur, according to Tequila Rose’s website. The company has released an entire menu of drinks you can create using a shot of the pink stuff.

There’s the Strawberry Jewel, which is made of Tequila Rose, McCormic Irish Cream, ice and red sprinkles.