Bovril Launches Plant-Based Beetroot Spread For Vegans

Bovril has teamed up with the Forest Green Rovers Football Club in England to develop a vegan beetroot spread. Bovril Beetroot will be available exclusively for the time being at The New Lawn Football Stadium and served as a drink.

Bovril is a traditional hot drink primarily made with beef extract and drunk at football matches. Beetroot Bovril is high in protein and completely vegan and meat free.

Social media users were divided over the new spread. Some calls the vegan alternative one of the ‘worst things that happened in 2020’ while others were ecstatic, thanking the company for launching the plant-based spread.

The Marmite versus Bovril debate has been ongoing for years. Recently Marmite made the news when it was reported that there was a shortage. One can only assume that Bovril saw the gab and took it.