Boxed Wine Brand Creates Wine-Dispensing Backpack For Hikers Who Love Vino!

You can now take your wine wherever you go thanks to Franzia, the creators of the Box Wine Backpack.

The wearable bag includes a pour spout on the side, is the perfect size for one of Franzia’s boxed wines, meaning that it’s easier than ever to take the brand’s Red, White or Blush wines on the go.

The wine-dispencing vessel is specifically designed to hold 5-liter boxes of wine — each of which shares 34 glasses of wine — meaning there will be more than enough to go around during outdoor activities with a group of vino-loving hikers.

Known first and foremost for its affordable table wines, Franzia offers apparel and accessories for wine lovers in its online shop, including everything from one-piece swimsuits and lounge pants to beach towels and socks.