Boxed wine is hotter than ever

The NYDailyNews urges wine lovers to think inside the box when it comes to drinking wine this summer.

Portable from a box no longer means sickeningly sweet budget blends . Wine producers are capitalizing on convenient containers perfect for warm-weather picnics, camping and beach trips.

“Alternatives (to cork) wine closures and packaging have become more popular as wine consumers are becoming less discriminatory about packaging as long as the wine inside the package is of high quality,” says Michael Kaiser, director of public affairs for WineAmerica, The National Association of American Wineries.

Boxed wine is one of the fastest-growing forms of vino packaging in the world, with global sales increasing 20% each year between 2000 and 2013, according to The Grapevine Magazine.

And breaking the bottle habit has a slew of benefits. Boxed wine can stay fresh for six to eight weeks once opened. That’s because the plastic bag inside keeps air out and stops oxidation, unlike a bottle which allows air in after its uncorked. Once a bottle is popped, its shelf life is only up to three days. There are environmentally-friendly pros too with less packaging, waste and energy needed to transport non-glass varieties.

The 2016 Box Wine Awards is taking place in South Africa this November. To enter your wine or to be part of the experience email us at [email protected]