Boxed wine sales up 18%

Most wine lovers seem to assume that the quality of wines packaged in alternatives to traditional glass bottles is somehow inferior. Nevertheless, according to Nielsen research, sales of 3L premium priced bag-in-a-box wines are up +18 per cent south of the border in the U.S.

Although bag-in-a box packaging uses 85 per cent less landfill than traditional glass bottles and has a 55 per cent smaller carbon footprint, many wine lovers wouldn’t be caught dead with a 1L, 2L, 3L or 4L bag-in-a box in their shopping basket.

Todd Ziegenfus of California’s Underdog Wine Merchants suggested that, from his perspective, the “Gen Y” consumer is looking for outstanding value: premium wine in unique packaging at a fantastic price. Ziegenfus maintains that the casual wine lover is less concerned about package format than they were five years ago.


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