Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie French Winery Battle More Complex Than A 1961 Bordeaux

Hollywood exes Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s bitter divorce battle continues. Brangelina, as they were once known, have been fighting over the French vineyard ever since Angelina filed for divorce in 2016.

The legal war over the estate is more complex than a 1961 Bordeaux and has been playing out in courts in California and Luxembourg.

However, the most compelling part of the dispute is over a sum that wouldn’t get you a glass of plonk: a single euro!

When Brangelina bought the vineyard in happier times as a couple, Pitt wound up with 60% and Jolie had 40% of the property.

But just before they married at the estate in 2014, Pitt gave Jolie another 10%, so they’d be equal 50/50 partners as a sign of grapey love and devotion. 

The destined-to-be-contested shares passed from Pitt to his then-bride-to-be for 1 euro.

Angelina Jolie sold her half of the vineyard to the wine division of Stoli Group after the split, but Brad Pitt’s lawyers have argued, Angie never paid!

In Pitt’s court filings in Luxembourg, his side says that the 1 euro bill was never paid. The team of attorneys claimed that it wasn’t the fair market value of the spread.

They’re asking the court to nix the Jolie-Stoli deal as a result, and now the disputed shares are tied up in escrow as an outside party reviews the debts. 

A top Stoli exec has said in a past statement: “We are not aware of any issues related to our purchase of 50% of Miraval nor do we have any concerns.”

Of course, properties sell for $1 all the time. 

According to Quora: “When a property is sold for $1, it is usually a symbolic amount that signifies a transfer of ownership, often within a family. This type of transaction is typically considered a gift, and the sale is perceived as a gift for tax purposes.”

An insider stated, “In the US, people do this all this time, selling for one dollar . . . but nobody ever pays the dollar. Nobody takes it seriously . . . It was before they were married, and it was a reflection that they were a family.”

Jolie filed a motion on Thursday asking for documents that would disclose details of an “all-encompassing” nondisclosure agreement Pitt allegedly demanded that she says scuppered the sale of her shares in the winery to him.

Pitt, 60, has previously claimed it was Jolie, 48, who reneged on their exclusive buyout negotiations after she said she wanted out of Miraval, and before she later sold off her shares to Stoli.

Jolie has argued the couple had no agreement regarding two-party consent to a sale, while Pitt says she sold it without his consent, which she ­denies.

Jolie also said in new legal filings Thursday that she and her family have never returned to the chateau since 2016, days before she filed for divorce.

Meanwhile, the 1 euro question remains.