Brad Pitt Launches The World’s First Champagne House Dedicated Exclusively To Rosé

Where there’s a will there’s a rosé – at least for Brad Pitt. Billed as the first and only Champagne house devoted exclusively to rosé Champagne, the actor gave the world a sneak peek of Fleur De Miraval, a £290 rosé Champagne made in collaboration with Pierre Péters.

Brad Pitt is no stranger to pink wine. The Hollywood heartthrob and ex-wife Angelina Jolie have produced award-winning rosés at Côtes de Provence in France since 2012. In 2019, Muse de Miraval, sold at auction for €2,600, making it the most expensive rosé in the world.

With cuvée being an entirely different beast, the leading man assembled an A-list cast for the new venture, collaborating with grower Champagne house Pierre Péters.

The actor and the team insist that Fleur De Miraval is not some new “celebrity wine,” but an authentic project of wine growers combining their expertise, skills and passion.

Fleur de Miraval Rosé 01 Brad Pitt Launches The Worlds First Champagne House Dedicated Exclusively To Rosé

“Champagne conjures up feelings of celebration, quality, prestige, and luxury. But rosé Champagne is still relatively unknown,” Brad Pitt told PEOPLE.

The bubbly, made from 75 % mature Chardonnay grapes and 25% young Pinot Noir grapes, was inspired by the legend of Provence-born Countess Fleur de Miraval, who only drank rosé Champagne in honour of her southern French roots.

Only 20,000 bottles of Fleur de Miraval Rosé Champagne will be released. on October 15, 2020, said to be priced at $290 a bottle.