Brad Pitt NOT to star in The Billionaire’s Vinegar

A view months ago we reported on The Billionaire’s Vinegar movie, the controversial book about the Jefferson bottles affair. At the time, various other websites also reported that hunky Brad Pitt will be starring in the film but, according to this is not true.

The site states that Brad Pitt is not going to star in the movie and the movie is nowhere close to coming out this year.

Dr.Vino contacted David Bloomfield of Escape Artists Entertainment at his office in LA. Bloomfield is the executive producer of the film. He asked if the Brad Pitt item was true.

“It’s literally someone in the blogosphere picking up something that was published two years ago,” he said referring to the page that was the source of the original blog post.

And David Koepp as director? Nope. Bloomfield said, that there’s “No director. No talent. No new news.”

He added that the project is still officially in development and that it is “not dead.” But there’s nothing to report. “I hope there will be soon.”

So guess we’ll have to wait and see then….