Breaking Bad Is Releasing a Real-Life Schraderbräu

It takes a year like this one to remind us how great we really had it in 2013. Batkid was a hero to San Francisco, our president wasn’t a racist game show host, and we had one of the best television series ever in Breaking Bad, a show that answered the question, what if Hal from Malcolm in the Middle were a meth kingpin in the American southwest?

One of the best parts of Breaking Bad was Hank Schrader, the steadfast DEA agent with a heart of gold played with masterful middlebrow charm by Dean Norris. Uncle Hank provided the lion’s share of levity on a show where it was often in short supply, and in season two he had a lesser-remembered but extremely on-brand dabble in the world of home microbrewing. Fortunately for all of us, Sony remembered, and Schraderbräu may be coming to a fridge near you very soon.

According to The Blast, Sony Pictures Television recently filed for a “Schraderbräu” trademark, covering beer as well as related merchandise, including glasses, bottle openers, and branded clothing. Hell yes.