BrewDog is opening a Beer Hotel with booze-filled hot tubs and shower beer fridges

Ever imagined a hotel that serves beer on tap in every room? Well, it’s time to stop dreaming because it could soon be a reality.

Scottish craft beer company BrewDog have officially announced plans to open the world’s first crowdfunded beer hotel in Columbus, Ohio.

Called “The DogHouse,” the $7.3 million hotel will be designed to educate its customers on the craft beer process and feature beer breakfasts, beer-based spa treatments, a beer fridge in the shower and hot tubs filled with Punk IPA beer.

Forget Disneyland, BrewDog say this is “the new happiest place on Earth.”

brewdog beer hotel 02 BrewDog is opening a Beer Hotel with booze filled hot tubs and shower beer fridges

The hotel will have beer on tap in every room!

Having launched an IndieGogo campaign, the company are looking to raise $75,000 (£61,300) to fund to fund the project.

If you decide to contribute in the early stages, you could get anything from your name on a foeder to a guided tour and even a free stay for two.

So far, they have achieved more than 70 per cent of their final target so it looks like BrewDog’s Doghouse could actually happen.