Brewery Builds A Giant Christmas Tree Out Of Beer Kegs

Genesee Brewing in New York State has built a giant, 27ft Christmas tree which is made out of 520 empty beer kegs and adorned with 20,000 lights, marking the fifth consecutive year that the brewer has constructed its ‘keg tree’.

Every year, Genesee Brewing increases the size of its keg tree, adding more layers and lights to its festive spectacle.

This year, the tree stands at 27ft and consists of 520 beer kegs, up from the 430 used last year. Now with 12 layers, the tree is decorated with 20,000 lights, with the brewery having invited the local community in Rochester to attend the ‘switch-on’ last Friday (7 December).

The organisers estimate that around 6,000 people attended the illumination which marked the end of the Genesee’s year-long 140th anniversary celebrations. The tree features an LED sign with Genesee’s logo as its star and its annual light show is choreographed to classic Christmas songs.