Brewery CEO labels non-alcoholic beer ‘gay lemonade’

The CEO of an Australian brewing company has announced his resignation shortly after branding non-alcoholic beer “gay lemonade” in a Facebook post. 

Nick Warming posted a meme to a Facebook page operated by his brewery, Southern Bay Brewing Co., in which an old boxer is seen posing in a black-and-white photograph. 

“Non-alcoholic beer,” the image reads. “You mean gay lemonade?” 

The brewery’s post also included a caption that read: “Non-alcoholic beer…. what’s the fun of it?” 

The Facebook page was quickly flooded with outcry from its nearly 2,000 followers, who described the meme as “not remotely acceptable” and “an absolute disgrace.” 

Shortly after, Mr Warming announced he had stepped down from his role at the brewing company. 

“I thought I would advise that following a board meeting, I have resigned as CEO of Southern Bay Brewing Co,” Mr Warming wrote earlier this week. “The board have accepted my resignation with immediate effect.”

He also apologised “unreservedly,” claiming the meme “was posted without any thought whatsoever” and adding “no offence was intended.”