Bring The Bar Home To Your Cat With A Martini Condo

If you can’t take your cat with you to the bar, bring the bar to your cat!

The Martini Condo is 4′ tall lux kitty palace has a built-in scratch post. The enclosed hideout area is a cosy hideout for the cat who has everything…except a stiff drink! At the top of the martini condo is a spacious 36-inch diameter lounge area where the cats can chill out.

The Martini condo for cats is available with custom shapes for the 2 openings. There are 25 shapes in total available for the top opening,

If you prefer some slightly more green, take a look at this marijuana condo for citizens who loves cannabis and cats. The custom designed weed pod is produced by Hollywood Kitty Co, the same company that makes the Martini condo for cats.

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