Britney Spears bans boozing during meals

If you want to be in Britney Spears’ gang, you had better stick to water!

Forget liquid lunches and boozy dinners, the superstar oversees a very sober affair when it comes to eating out.

According to, Brit went out with eight pals for a meal at Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles earlier this week, but before she arrived, members of the party enjoyed a quick tipple at the bar.

They then left their drinks behind when the pop princess arrived and headed to their table – only for a waitress to grass them up by bringing over a glass of wine to one speechless guest!

However, the woman quickly shooed the drink away and got away with it. Phew!

The boozeless meal shows how serious Brit is about steering clear of alcohol since the infamous 2008 meltdown.

In fact, she is reportedly worried about her upcoming residency in Las Vegas because of the resort’s hard partying reputation.

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