Brits stock up on low alcohol wines for the Summer, cutting calories and costs.

With summer around the corner, this seasons drinks trends are starting to appear. Independent Price Low Alcohol wines have leapt to the forefront of sales on Bring a Bottle, the independent price comparison website for Wines, Beers and Spirits. With a 250% increase compared to April, these wines now account for nearly a fifth of wines sold through the website.

Producers have responded to consumers needs by launching ‘lifestyle’ wines that are perfect for all occasions. From a lunchtime barbeque to an evening celebration, these wines are proving to be a huge success with buyers.

Market leader Blossom Hill (the bestselling wine brand in the U.K.), and other producers (including First Cape, Black Tower and JP Chenet) have recently launched their own ranges of low alcohol White, Rose and Red Wines. These lifestyle wines typically have half or less of the Alcohol of their traditional counterparts. Blossom Hills Rose offers 5.5% vs. 11% ABV, and as a bonus to those watching their calories 55 Calories per 125ml compared to 114 Calories. Consumers can also look forward to saving money too with the average cost of bottle of low alcohol wine £3.90, partly due to the reduced Duty that is paid per bottle (87p vs £2.40).

Hugo Fairey, Director of Bring a Bottle said “In recent years winemakers have been using riper grapes which in turn has led to a higher ABV. Consumers looking for either lower alcohol or lower calories in their wines are now well catered for with some of the biggest wine producers creating these lifestyle drinks. Sales have soared in recent weeks and it looks as if this may be the Summer of low alcohol wines.“