Broccoli coffee is the latest coffee trend that could lead to better health

For some, the standard frothy cappuccino will never suffice as an adequate caffeinated drink of choice.

In order to be deemed worthy of the “hipster” target market, a coffee must be served in some unconventional manner, such as in an avocado or a carrot.

Broccoli coffee is the latest coffee trend to have surfaced and it’s (unsurprisingly) dividing opinion.

The idea behind the concoction has been created by Hort Innovation and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in Australia in an effort to make use of nutritious vegetables that would otherwise go to waste.

Lead researcher behind the project, Dr Mary Ann Augustin, has explained how making the most of powdered vegetables could be beneficial for the health of consumers and also profitable for producers when added to smoothies, soups or baking mixtures.

“The powders are an option for farmers who wish to produce value-added vegetable ingredients for the lucrative functional food markets,” Dr Augustin said.

The broccoli powder consists solely of whole broccoli, with two tablespoons of the powder containing approximately one portion of the vegetable.