Budweiser explores how to brew beer on Mars

The maker behind two of America’s bestselling beers has an idea that’s truly out of this world.

Budweiser is looking for a way to develop a micro-gravity beer made to be brewed and drunk on Mars.

The plan was unveiled during South by Southwest’s annual Interactive Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas this week. According to AdWeek, the brewer is exploring methods for how to deal with the micro-gravity environment on Mars in order to produce a brew that can be imbibed on the planet.

“When you’re in a zero-gravity environment, a beverage with carbonation is going to be an issue,” retired astronaut Clayton Anderson explained to the SXSW panel which also featured Budweiser company executives. The conversation was hosted by “The Martian” actress Kate Mara.

“Through our relentless focus on quality and innovation, Budweiser can today be enjoyed in every corner of the world, but we now believe it is time for the King of Beers to set its sights on its next destination,” Budweiser vice president Ricardo Marques said in a press release announcing the plan.

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