Bulleit Bourbon’s Founder Steps Back As Brand’s Face Amid Daughter’s Abuse Claims

Bulleit Bourbon’s founder has stepped back as the face of the brand after being accused of physical and sexual abuse by his estranged daughter.

Tom Bulleit, 76, will stop acting as a brand ambassador though it is impossible “to determine the veracity” of the claims made against him, according to Diageo, Bulleit’s parent company.

Diageo said it was informed of Hollis Worth’s abuse claims in a letter from her attorney.

Bulleit told the Courier Journal that he is “greatly saddened by these false accusations” and that Worth, 45, was a “loved and happy child.”

In posts to her personal website and public Facebook page on Aug. 13, Worth alleged Bulleit had sexually abused her until she was 18 years old. She said the abuse included inappropriate touching and fondling, being forced to pose for photos naked and being spoken to in sexually explicit language.

She also accused Diageo of continually “backing a criminal” in Bulleit.

“It is time for the liquor industry to be under the microscope as part of the national #metoo & #timesup discussions,” Worth wrote.

She said she and her father have not spoken in two years.

Bulleit said that when he divorced Worth’s now-deceased birth mother, Stephanie, in 1988 he gained full custody of Worth and nobody claimed his daughter was abused.

Worth, who was 13 at the time, said that during the custody suit she talked about an incident where her mother’s “face was smashed in” by Bulleit. She added that she was labeled as “brain-washed” and “histrionic” and that her interview was stopped on several occasions when she started crying.

Bulleit said the judge heard testimony contradicting the claims of domestic abuse and found them untrue, and he was granted custody of his daughter.

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