Burger King U.S To Give Away Kids’ Meals To Help Families That Rely On School Lunch

With schools being closed after Friday amid the coronavirus pandemic, it means many children will go without a healthy, warm meal each day.

Such is the crisis of modern poverty right now.

To help these families out a little bit, Burger King U.S has vowed to give away two free kids’ meals with every app purchase to those who need it.

The fast-food promotion will start on Monday, 23 March and is available for any app purchase for delivery or drive-thru.

But it can only be used once per customer. Customers can make use of the offer any day until it ends on 6 April.

Similar to the UK and the U.S, South Africa also struggles to feed poorer families, and children often go without nutritious warm meals on a daily bases.

Even before the precariousness of the coronavirus pandemic, 1.8 million school-age children in the UK were at risk of hunger, while 5.5 million children are suffering from hunger in South Africa.

In the U.S, families unable to access food because of school closures and lack of access to supermarket essentials will be hugely impacted, CEO of Burger king Jose Cil tells Business Insider.

‘The challenge here is that when you’re dealing with a circumstance like the coronavirus, if we don’t utilize businesses like Burger King, Tim’s and Popeyes … It’s really difficult for Americans to be fed because it’s going to be difficult for them to get all their other food and necessities from the supermarket.’

We can only hope South Africa will do the same when the crisis really hit the country.





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