Cabbages and Cannibals comes back for another bite

On the 21st of November, Catharina’s literally goes the whole hog. Catharina’s Restaurant at Steenberg is once again venturing into the oddities of olde, with a second running of Chef Garth Almazan’s wildly popular and delectably peculiar “Cabbages and Cannibals” dinner.

On the 21st of November, the bravest foodies are invited to take part in a daring 4-course menu, featuring some of the most audacious cuts of meat available. Each course will be paired with an exceptional wine, at a cost of R380.00 per person.

Very much a “Pig’s Night”, the Cabbages and Cannibals dinner will serve up a tantalisingly strange first course of Sautéed Pig Brains, followed by a sumptuous serving of the innocent-sounding Lights Risotto, and a third course named, simply, The Whole Hog. “Nose-to-tail cooking is very much about changing perceptions. These cuts are considered daring and taboo, but when correctly prepared, they can be absolutely delicious,” says Garth Almazan, Catharina’s Executive Chef.

With the recently updated look and atmosphere of Catharina’s forming a backdrop to the evening’s revelries, guests are invited to join chef Garth on a culinary adventure in a light and eclectic dining space, reflecting the unique and fascinating history of Steenberg. Bookings are essential. To take your place at the Cape’s most outlandish dining table, call Jackie Quail on: 071 248 5373.

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