Cafetiere Coffee Brew Guide

Horsham Coffee Roaster is a Sussex-based speciality coffee provider that prides itself on its small-scale origins, and the gradual process of enthusiastic learning that characterises what it means to be an independent roaster. As it continues to grow and make their mark on the UK coffee scene, the staunch dedication to quality that is cemented in Horsham’s ethos is apparent in every cup.

The Horsham team started out with humble beginnings; over time evolving their set up from a 1kg roaster in the garage to an operation that now ships its premium beans all over the globe. Through its innovative and attentive roasting process, Horsham showcases some of the best ethically traded coffee that the world has to offer. So buckle up. 

The ability to supply such premium coffee beans stems from the personal connection that Horsham has established with its global network of sensational coffee growers. Partnerships have been forged with some of Rwanda’s, Kenya’s and Costa Rica’s most talented and impassioned speciality coffee farmers. Thanks to this personal approach to the matter of bean buying, Horsham have secured themselves several completely exclusive bean varieties, which you won’t be able to get your hands on anywhere else (so keep it hush hush!).

Ever since their first steps in the speciality industry back in 2012, it’s clear that the team at Horsham believe in going beyond just producing good stuff, by making sure that these beans are doing good too. The roastery provides full transparency in its entire process which means that, as a consumer, you can rest easy in the knowledge that these fantastic producers will always receive a fair payment for their work.

There are many perks that come with buying brews from a small-scale independent, and two things that surely have to be at the top of the list are indie roasters’ uniqueness and creativity. Horsham’s roasters never shy away from a challenge, and they take bold pride in their dedicated range of experimental process coffees. These one-off roasts and rare-find beans boast an unusual range of intriguing flavour varieties.

Insight, passion, knowledge and experiences – it might be a tad corny, but the speciality coffee industry is all about sharing what we’ve learned and new things that excite us. With a bag of beans from Horsham, you’ll certainly be kept on your toes. Below is infographic will show you how to get the best our of coffee brewed in a Cafetiere.

Cafetiere Coffee Brew Guide 1 Cafetiere Coffee Brew Guide