California wine caught in foie gras row

Foes of California’s ban on foie gras have a new ally abroad: a politician in southern France who is urging a boycott of California wines in response.

The state ban on the sale and production of the French-born delicacy, a fatty goose or duck liver made by force-feeding the animals, took effect July 1. Most restaurants in the state have removed the item from their menus, though some have refused.

The move has outraged Philippe Martin, president of the general council in the Gers region, near the Pyrenees mountains.

“I call on all the restaurants in France that sell Californian wine to stop doing so in a show of solidarity for our foie gras makers and, more broadly, for all food makers,” said Martin.

The Gers, in the heart of Gascony, is an agricultural area known for goose foie gras. France produces more than 16,000 tons of foie gras annually, or two-thirds of the product sold globally. The French consume 75 percent of the world production.