Cameron Diaz Wine – She Is Doing It Big Time!

Cameron Diaz, yes, the Hollywood super-starlet Cameron Diaz, is all about healthy living. She’s incredibly conscious about what she eats and puts into her body. To her, organic foods and beverages are a cornerstone of healthy living. However, one day, while drinking wine with her entrepreneur friend Katherine Power (the two met via her sister-in-law Nicole Richie), she realized she didn’t know what was inside her wine.

The two friends decided to research and learn about how wine was prepared. They were horrified.

Cameron Diaz had assumed, like most people, that wine is intrinsically organic and vegan because it’s made from fermented grapes. However, the truth was far from being so simple. As she learned, most wines contained dozens of chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, additives, colorings, and other harmful components. They were also filtered through egg whites, fish bladders, and animal enzymes — turns out, wine isn’t organic OR vegan!

And that discovery led the two friends to create their own line of truly organic, vegan, and delicious wine — Avaline, aka Cameron Diaz Wine.

After deciding to create their own line of organic wine, the two friends toured hundreds of vineyards in Europe to learn all about the wine production process. Cameron Diaz brought passion into the project — she cares about organic living and can talk for hours about soil microbiology and wine composition. Katherine Power brought the business-savvy and entrepreneurial insight to market the product and make it feasible.

The reasons most wines are inorganic and bad are because of profitability and feasibility. Pesticides are often used to kill harmful pests that can destroy or rot the grapes. Chemicals, like sulfites, are used to expand the wine’s shelf-life. And colorings, like Mega Purple, are used to improve the customer experience — Mega Purple is responsible for your tongue turning red when you drink red wine.

Cameron Diaz Wine is uniquely composed with a completely organic and natural production process. They don’t use chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, additives, animal enzymes, or other animal by-products at any stage in the vineyards or production process. Instead of using chemicals, they use biodiversity to enhance the wine’s flavor, feasibility, and durability. As such, Cameron Diaz Wine is truly organic and vegan while still being delicious.

Some people will naturally wonder how Avaline is different from all other “organic” wines on the market.

Well, most organic wines aren’t actually organic at all. In the US, the only legal requirement for wine producers to use the “organic” label is avoiding sulfites — they can still use other chemicals, additives, and animal enzymes and continue calling themselves “organic.” As such, most of the “organic” wines available in stores aren’t organic at all but rather full of chemicals and pesticides.

Cameron Diaz Wine is completely transparent. Each bottle features a large label listing out all the ingredients used in the production process. They encourage you to research their ingredients for yourselves and become conscious and educated consumers. As such, you can rest assured that Avaline lives up to its organic and vegan claims. And Cameron Diaz truly is set to storm the wine industry!