Can a Diabetic Drink Wine?

People with diabetes are mostly aware of the specific foods and drinks they must consume and those that they must rather avoid. But where does wine fall on the list? Can diabetics drink it? While it’s been found to be good for the human heart in moderation, it’s important to understand the effects it has on those with diabetes.

Dry Wine

Dry wine does not inhibit diabetic control.A dry wine contains almost no sugar and only has a caloric count from the alcohol itself. Dry wine is fairly low in carbohydrates, and the negative effects of alcohol on the diabetic are minimal and are for the most part limited to the consumption of alcohol in large amounts.

Sweet Wine

You might think that sweet wine is a no-go for people with diabetes because of its higher sugar content but, they can consume it with caution. Diabetics should sip a sweet wine slowly so blood sugar levels do not drastically change.

The Bottom Line

Diabetics shouldn’t have alcohol as often, and should always eat something while drinking. A safe daily intake for diabetics is one glass of wine for women and two for men.