Can a Sommelier Keep Working While Pregnant?

When most women learn they’re pregnant, usually the first thing to go is the wine.

Most women, however, don’t taste the stuff for a living. Jordan Salcito, Master Sommelier candidate, beverage director for Momofuku restaurants, and founder of Bellus Wines, didn’t flinch: “I love my job and couldn’t imagine ever leaving it once I found out I was pregnant. I immediately called two winemakers who are dear friends and also mothers, and they both underscored the importance of listening to my body and making sure I have an amazing team back at the office. I feel as connected to my work as ever before.” Salcito of course—as she did when she wasn’t pregnant—spits during tastings.

The idea of slowing down has never really been in Salcito’s vocabulary. She began her career as a cook at Daniel in New York under the coveted tutelage of Daniel Boulud. After apprenticing with the famed chef, Salcito was given the opportunity to work the harvest in Burgundy and immediately fell in love with winemaking. In the process, she also discovered a new tie to her grandfather, an Italian immigrant who made wine in the basement of his house when she was young. After her stint at Daniel, followed by captain and sommelier gigs at Veritas and Nick & Toni’s, Salcito became a sommelier and manager at Eleven Madison Park, where she stayed for several years, eventually moving on to Momofuku in 2013.