Can Champagne Help To Beat Wrinkles?

A frequent question that I seem to hear amongst the grape vines is regarding whether or not wines are either good or bad for your health and for your beauty, also if Champagne can help heal signs of ageing.

The debates are probably endless on this topic and the internet is awash of both products and claims of benefits that Champagne (or should we say the grapes that go into making it) offers consumers and especially those who wish to banish away those ever increasing wrinkles that age rewards us with.

So, does Champagne really help to beat wrinkles?

It is mostly down to the effects produced from anti-ageing components including the dermis activator, QT40 which is extracted from grapes and is said to stimulate collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis that combats the natural ageing process of our skin.

Champagne contains antioxidants and cellular activators such as organic acids, minerals and vitamins, which are said to help to slow down the ageing process and repair the skin. It is said to guarantee a longer-lasting firmness and a glowing complexion.” Daily Mail online

… Champagne’s complex composition combines essential molecule families that play ‘key roles in skin cells’ metabolic balance’ making it an ‘obvious skin care ingredient’. To date, approximately 1,000 components have been identified in Champagne.

We asked one of our Twitter friends re grapes and healthy skin – Cheryl Mackie who works in Harley Street, London shared with us “I think if you drink enough Champagne then you couldn’t care less about your skin! Though seriously, I have used shampoos with Champagne and silk extras, very conditioning, the acidic nature would close down the cuticle of the hair shaft to make it look shiny. Re skin: The resveratrol (a stilbenoid) in the skin of black grapes are great for your skin.