Can drinking wine replace the gym? You wish!

You may have seen the headlines all over social media lately: “Is Drinking Wine Better than Going to the Gym?

According to Scientists, Yes!” or more specifically, “Science says a Glass of Red Wine may be Equivalent to an Hour at the Gym.” Well, here’s the truth. And it’s gonna hurt.

The articles usually quote University of Alberta researcher, Dr. Jason Dyck. The problem is, that research is three years old, and it was not about avoiding physical activity. In 2012, Dyck’s team published a study on a compound found in red wine called resveratrol, and its ability to boost exercise performance in mice.

Dyck doesn’t know why the research has resurfaced – or how it became so distorted. But lately he’s been bombarded with interview requests from media outlets around the world.

“Unfortunately, the inaccurate information spread much wider and had more appeal than the accurate information. So that was a little disappointing for us,” Dyck tells Global News. “We thought our finding alone was of significance, but I guess it paled in comparison.”

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