Can You Drink Alcohol When Using The Noom Diet App?

If you drink alcohol, you have probably discarded diets with the “no-alcohol” rule. The Noom diet app is one of the few that suggest you can still lose weight even when you drink alcohol. According to Noom, more than 1.5 million have been able to lose weight and keep it off by following their full list of recommendations.  

Understanding the Noom diet plan

The Noom diet is not your typical weight loss program. It offers no structured eating windows; neither does it have a list of foods that are off-limits. Instead, it encourages a lifestyle shift by prioritizing healthy eating, regular exercise, better sleeping patterns, and stress management. 

The Noom diet app is a psychologically driven behavioural therapy that helps you analyze everything you put in your mouth and its impact on your weight. There is no doubt that alcohol has lots of calories and is the primary reason many diets prohibit drinking alcohol. 

Noom recognizes that alcoholic drinks don’t have the same amount of calories. For example, beer has fewer calories than wine. This is why everything you have eaten or drunk is colour coded. 

Foods and drinks are automatically classified according to the number of calories. Foods with few, medium and high calories are coded green, yellow, and red, respectively. 

How alcoholic drinks fit in the Noom diet

While the Noom diet app does not prohibit alcohol, you will know if the alcohol is keeping you from reaching your weight loss goals. Alcohol has many empty calories, meaning the calorie content is high, yet it has no nutritional value. 

Instead of telling you not to drink alcohol, the Noom diet app expects you to analyze the impact of alcohol on your diet and what it means to your weight loss journey. Are you desperate enough to lose weight? Will you do anything, including changing your lifestyle, to achieve your goals? 

Not only does Noom reveal the contribution of alcohol to your weight gain, but it also reveals the calorie content in the various alcoholic drinks that you consume. 

Since this app assumes you are an adult who can make reasonable decisions regarding your weight, you can determine alterations you need to make in your alcohol intake. For example, instead of taking two or three glasses of wine daily, you may opt for a glass instead. You may also choose to leave the alcoholic drinks for the weekend.

Classification of alcohol in the Noom App

Given the attitude most diets have towards alcohol, it is easy to assume that alcohol automatically falls in the red column in the Noom diet. However, since this diet app does not prohibit alcohol, different alcoholic drinks are categorized according to the calorie content. So, just like food, alcohol is coded green, yellow, and red. 

First, it is best to point out that the higher alcohol by volume (ABV) in a drink, the higher the calories. 

White wine has plenty of sugar, so it often falls coloured red in the Noom app. However, you’ll discover one or two coded yellow since some have a lower alcohol percentage and may not be as sweet as most in the market. However, it is best to note that white wine is generally high in calories. 

Red wine, on the other hand, has been marketed as a healthier choice. Probably because it is not as sweet as white wine. It is also rich in antioxidants. However, red wine is calorie-dense, so it is naturally coded red in Noom. 

Most beer and cider drinks are coded yellow. However, since the various brands in the market have different alcohol and sugar levels, it is best to confirm if it is coded yellow or red. 

Cocktails are often coded red. However, since some mixers are low calorie, some cocktails and hard seltzers are coded yellow. Liquor, whether it is clear or dark, is red coded. 

All liquors have a high ABV, so it doesn’t matter whether you mix it with water or diet tonic to balance the alcohol. The liquor retains its high-calorie count, so it will still be labelled red. 

The Noom diet app is a comprehensive diet plan that looks at the relationship between various aspects of your lifestyle responsible for your weight gain. It does not look at alcohol as solely responsible for the difficulties you face in your weight loss journey. 

When you understand how to alter your feeding, drinking, exercising, and sleeping habits for optimal health benefits, you will appreciate that the Noom diet app is initiating you towards a lifestyle change that is within easy reach.