Cape Town Beachgoers Turn Violent After Authorities Seize Booze

There was no room for reconciliation between Cape beachgoers and law enforcement on the long weekend after the two fought with each other over booze.

On Monday, December 16, law enforcement officers working on the City’s beaches clashed with members of the public who insist on consuming alcohol on City beaches. Over a thousand units of alcohol were confiscated over the past few days and what is alarming is the violent response of some of the offenders to the officers’ interventions.

In Muizenberg, one suspect was arrested after he assaulted an officer who confiscated his alcohol.

At the Zandvlei picnic area, also in Muizenberg, about 60 people attacked officers who had impounded alcohol. The officers were forced to use pepper spray to defend themselves.

On Saturday, 14 December, behind the Civic Centre in Muizenberg three officers were attacked by about 25 bathers who resorted to violence after their alcohol was confiscated. The officers had to use pepper spray to defend themselves and backup was called.

Five suspects were arrested for assault and will appear in court today.

On the Main Beach in Muizenberg, five bathers attacked the lifeguards who implored them to swim in the safe bathing area. They fled when officers arrived on the scene. At Eden on the Bay in the Blaauwberg area officers again had to contend with riotous behaviour.

A suspect was detained and had his alcohol confiscated when a large group of people tried to intimidate officers into releasing him. Backup was requested and the effort of the crowd was thwarted.

In Llandudno, in the late afternoon, a number of swimmers were removed from the surf by lifeguards for their own safety. Law enforcement assisted in the removal of these bathers.

Alcohol played a major role in all of these incidents and people are reminded once again that officers will crack down on all transgressions of the bylaws.

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